Publication Opportunities & Conferences

Open Publication Opportunities (Outside of the General Submission Process)

Campbell Law Review Symposium and Call for Papers
The Campbell Law Review at Campbell University School of Law invites article submissions (1) dealing with notable issues on either the national or state level or (2) relevant to the following symposium topics: Watergate, Whitewater & WikiLeaks: Privacy, Policy, and the Public Trust and Heller.
Authors interested in publishing are encouraged to submit an article and résumé to culawreview[@] As a reference, Campbell Law Review submissions generally range from 10,000 to 30,000 words, including footnotes. Articles will be selected based on the quality of research and writing, as well as the originality of the inquiry and academic contribution.
Deadlines: For both issues, submit your draft by November 1, 2017.


The American Addiction: A Pathways Approach to Addressing the Opioid Epidemic
University of Memphis Law Review, March 2018 Symposium
Manuscripts Due: December 1, 2017:

Forced Migration Review
Invites the submission of articles on the subject of “Displacement in the Middle East” for an issue to be published in February 2018. The Middle East currently is both the source and recipient of the largest numbers of refugees and internally displaced persons globally. While Syria and Yemen are at the core of the largest-scale displacements at the moment (with the Syrian crisis now in its seventh year), there is significant displacement in and from other countries too, as well as situations of protracted displacement throughout the region. Whether they bring costs or opportunities, all those who are displaced are in need of protection. This issue of FMR will look at what can be learned from the region’s experience, the question of responsibility sharing, and the relationship between addressing displacement and securing sustainable peace. It will examine the challenges that need to be met in order to protect internally displaced people, refugees, asylum seekers and stateless people. The editors ask that you send an email to fmr[at] if you are interested in contributing. The deadline for submission of articles is October 23, 2017. For additional information, please see the call for articles.

AALS 2018 Annual Meeting Section Open Call for Papers

Information regarding OPEN Calls for Papers at the upcoming 2018 AALS meeting can be found here:

Note that Hot Topics proposals are due by October 20, 2017.


Upcoming National Conferences and Calls for Papers



South Asia Legal Studies Workshop
University of Wisconsin Law School
October 26, 2017

The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society: 50 Years Later
George Washington University Law School
October 26-27, 2017

The Discursive Turn in Copyright
University of California, Irvine School of Law
October 27, 2017


Whats Law Got to Do with It? Examining the Role of Law in a Changing World
Stanford Law School, November 2-3, 2017:
Abstracts Due: August 1, 2017

Constitutional Law Colloquium
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
November 3-4, 2017

Privacy, Big Data and the Demands of Providing Quality Patient Care
Loyola University Chicago School of Law
November 10, 2017

ClassCrits at Ten: Mobilizing for Resistance, Solidarity and Justice
Tulane University School of Law
November 10-11, 2017

Symposium on Comparative and Cross-Border Issues in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law
IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
November 30-December 1, 2017



Special Jurisdictions Within and Outside the United States
Dale E. Fowler School of Law at Chapman University
January 26, 2018

Fake News and “Weaponized Defamation”: Global Perspectives
Southwestern Law School
January 26, 2018

Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA, Jan. 3-6 2018


Eve of Disruption. Courageously Meeting the Higher Education Challenges in Times of Transition.
Stetson University College of Law
February 1-5, 2018

An Even More Perfect Union: Proposed Amendments to the Constitution
Duke University School of Law
February 2, 2018

Younger Comparativists Committee Workshop on Comparative Business and Financial Law 
Fordham University School of Law
February 2-3, 2018
Abstracts Due: October 20, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law
The South Carolina Law Review will host its 2018 Symposium on February 9, 2018, at the University of South Carolina School of Law. The symposium will focus on “Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law” and will specifically examine the implications of artificial intelligence on the practice of law, legal professionalism, and legal ethics. The practice of law will change dramatically in the coming years, and the advent of programs such as Ross Intelligence, IBM’s Watson Intelligence, LexMachina, and Codex will potentially reshape the future of the legal profession.
The future of artificial intelligence and its effect on the law is certain to impact the legal job market. However, potential job losses may be offset by growth in legal tech jobs. How will this shape the legal marketplace across the country? How can law firms ensure they will stay afloat through this dramatic shift in the everyday practice of law? How will this new high tech legal market change the manner in which lawyers provide services to clients? These issues and more will be addressed during the South Carolina Law Review’s 2018 Symposium.

The South Carolina Law Review seeks thoughtful, insightful, and original papers addressing the broad range of topics related to Artificial Intelligence and the Practice of Law. Interested authors should submit a 500-word abstract to with the subject line “A.I. and the Law” by September 30, 2017, for consideration. Interdisciplinary works are welcome from academic professors or legal practitioners. If selected, a completed paper (6,000–18,000 words) will be due to the South Carolina Law Review Editorial Board by January 1, 2018. Contact: (cc:

Federalism in an Age of Polarization
Stanford Law School
February 9-10, 2018

Appalachian Justice Symposium
West Virginia University College of Law
February 23-24, 2018


Tenth Annual Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal Seminar
Texas Tech University School of Law
March 2, 2018

Health Care Compliance
Mitchell Hamline Law
March 16, 2018
Abstracts due: October 31 (publication opportunity in Mitchell Hamline Law Review)

Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities-Twenty-First Annual Conference
Georgetown Law
March 16-17, 2018
Proposal deadline: November 1

National Conference of Constitutional Law Scholars
University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law
March 16-17, 2018
Submission Deadline: September 15, 2017

Poverty States: Federalism, Rights, and State Anti-Poverty Efforts
American University Washington College of Law
March 23-24, 2018
Abstracts Due: September 15, 2017

The American Addiction: A Pathways Approach to Addressing the Opioid Epidemic
University of Memphis Law Review, March 2018 Symposium
Manuscripts Due: December 1, 2017:


Terry v. Ohio at 50: Considering the Past, Present and Future of Stop-and-Frisk
University of Idaho College of Law
April 6, 2018
Abstracts Due: July 31, 2017

Intellectual Property Scholarship Redux Conference
University of New Hampshire, School of Law
April 7, 2018
Proposals due: January 31 (publication opportunity in IDEA: The Journal of the Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property):

Diseases of Despair: The Role of Policy and Law
Northeastern University School of Law
April 13, 2018

21st Annual UNC Tax Symposium
UNC Business School
April 20-21, 2018
Proposal deadline: December 15

Gender Sidelining Symposium
California Western School of Law
April 26-27, 2018
Proposals due: November 17

Inequality and the Future of Family Law
University of Minnesota Law School
April 27, 2018
Abstracts due: February 1

Symposium on Personalized Law:
University of Chicago Law Review
April 27-28, 2018
Proposals Due: September 30, 2017


Bioip Faculty Workshop
Georgia State University, College of Law and the American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics, May 3-4, 2018
Abstracts and CV Due: October 2, 2017:


To Teach is to Learn Twice: Fostering Excellence in Transactional Law and Skills Education
Emory University School of Law
June 1-2, 2018

Beyond Disadvantage: Disability, Law, and Bioethics
The Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School will host its annual conference on the subject of Beyond Disadvantage: Disability, Law, and Bioethics on June 1, 2018. Abstracts are due October 15, 2017. A detailed call for abstracts is available on the conference website.

Law and Society 2018 Annual Meeting
Toronto, Canada
June 7-8, 2018
Deadline for proposals has been extended to October 23